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Thursday 18 October, 2018, 6:30 pm

Tamannah's Hotness In Rain Song

Tamannah's Hotness In Rain Song
Tamannah Bhatia made her acting debut almost a decade back with the film Sri starring Manchu Manoj in the lead role. The film failed big time at the box office but she tasted the stardom after the success of Happy Days. The actress' strengths are her performance and dance moves. She looks too hot whenever she decides to dance in rain. We have seen such songs in the past in the films Rachcha and Badrinath. The latest buzz is that another such song is going to reveal the ultra hotness of Tamannah.

The actress who is currently busy with a film starring Kalyan Ram will be seen dancing in rain. The romantic song is going to be shot in a different manner by the makers. Tamannah is busy with a handful of projects in Telugu and Tamil and she is expressing a confidence that she would be able to make herself available for as many films as possible.

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