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Thursday 15 November, 2018, 8:39 am

Teaser Talk: Sensational Beauty Fires A Kiss

Teaser Talk: Sensational Beauty Fires A Kiss
Director Omar Lulu and his producer wouldn't have even expected that their film will become the talk of the nation one day. Thanks to their sensational young hottie Priya Prakash Warrier whose eyebrow shaking and wink have broken the internet. Here is an interesting continuation of that now.

Taking this girl's sudden sensation into consideration, now director Omar Lulu has come up with the special teaser of "Oru Adaar Love" featuring one of the lead pair Priya Varrier and Roshan Abdul in it. They happen to be one of the three pairs who is studying +2 in this movie. Now in this teaser, once again the internet sensation girl showcased her talents.

By kissing her lips with her fingers and then turning her hand into a gun, she loaded the kiss like a bullet and fired it at the hero. But you know where the blasting happened? Yes, needless to say, many eligible hearts are writhing in the pain caused by that sweet kiss now.

Reports are coming that the makers are looking to release this film simultaneously in Telugu, Hindi and Tamil as well owing to the popularity of Priya Varrier. That's epic folks!!

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