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Sunday 23 September, 2018, 10:55 am

Temper Hindi Remake ‘Simmba’ First Look

Temper Hindi Remake ‘Simmba’ First Look
Long ago, director Rohit Shetty confirmed that he’s going to remake Telugu movie “Temper” by taking 50% of its scenes and adding some new scenes in his style. And finally, the film gets a going.

For the first time ever, top shot producer Karan Johar is joining hands with Rohit Shetty to produce this remake, titled “Simmba”. Star hero Ranveer Singh who is going great guns at the moment is playing the title role, reprising Jr NTR’s character Daya, a corrupt police officer.

What looks different is the colour popping poster of the film like a vintage art-poster. Name of the hero in the film is Sangram Bhalerao, a Maharashtrian cop and his nickname is ‘Simmba’. One wonders why that ‘mm’ (double m) in the title name? Here goes an interesting titbit.

Actually, the name ‘Simba’ will have copyright issue because it’s the popular name of the cub lion from the film, Disney’s “The Lion King”.

While this Temper remake is set for December 18, 2018, release, the heroine is not yet finalised.

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