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That is Sunny Leone!

That is Sunny Leone!
In the social media, a photo has been doing rounds from morning. In the photo, in a big city huge crowd has mobbed around a car on the fly-over. The crowds are huge and with one look we all think they might have to come to see Shah Rukh Khan or Salman Khan kind of a celebrity.

But they have all come to see Sunny Leone. This photo is major example of what is the craze of Sunny in India. Sunny went to Kochi this morning and she went to open Phone 4 Digital Hub showroom inauguration.

Well, the crowd got to know this and they have surrounded her car for a glimpse of her. It became hard to move an inch and many of her well-wishers and media people took the photos from highest possible elevation to cover the crowds. Sunny too posted a selfie with the crowd and thanked them for showing so much of love! Social media is commenting saying, "That is Sunny Leone!" We agree!

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