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That One Shot made Rajamouli No.1: Prabhas

That One Shot made Rajamouli No.1: Prabhas
Prabhas & Rajamouli worked for 3 Films so far. So, They have good understanding about each other and could easily analyze the pros/cons.

At the Trailer Launch of 'Baahubali: The Conclusion', Prabhas said: 'Rajamouli is No.1 in all the aspect, except Romance. But, He emerged as No.1 in that section as well with a single shot in 'Baahubali 2''.

Movie Buffs assume the sequence in the trailer showing Prabhas & Anushka reach a position to lock lips could be the shot mentioned by Young Rebel.

Rajamouli showed what he is capable of doing with 'Pachhabottesina..' in 'Baahubali 1' already. Majority of the people rated Jakkanna better than his guru K Raghavendra Rao after watching this romantic block. Didn't Prabhas find that sequence romantic? Or Does the sequence in Baahubali 2 way better than that? Whatever it might be, Audience could keep their expectations high on Anushka when it comes to 'Baahubali 2'.

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