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Wednesday 19 September, 2018, 9:41 am

The Moment When RGV Said Awe!

The Moment When RGV Said Awe!
Ram Gopal Verma either teases people with strong beliefs or satirically wishes Pawan Kalyan and Mega fans, on social media.

He even said that after drinking Vodka, he tweets or posts on Facebook, which people need not take too seriously. But he recently, said "AWWWEEE!!!", on Facebook and the reason is Awe, movie.

The director of the film, Awe, that released on Friday and going strong at urban centers, Prashanth Verma, posted way back in 2011, about the comparison with Ram Gopal Verma. He said,

"People are always comparing me with RGV. But really guys ... there are only two things common between us ... surname and Sri Devi"

Quoting that post now, RGV, used the expression Awe, as a symbol to show his appreciation towards the film and the young filmmaker.

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