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Thursday 18 October, 2018, 1:10 am

The Real Story of a Star South Heroine?

The Real Story of a Star South Heroine?
"Julie 2", the upcoming bold film starring Raai Laxmi in lead role, has been based on the real life of a 90s Star Heroine of South, revealed the film's producer Pahlaj Nihalani, former CBFC chairperson.

Nihalani said that he couldn't reveal the heroine's name in order to safeguard his film from legal trouble. He however gave ample hints to find out who she is.

"The actress started her career in film industry with a Hindi movie featuring one of the Khan superstars. She however shifted her focus to South and emerged as the top commercial heroine of Telugu and Tamil industries in the 90s. However, her affair with a married Tamil-Telugu superstar forced her out of the South Industry, and later she became a star heroine in Bhojpuri film industry too. In fact, one of the actors with whom she had an affair, has played a key role in our film," Pahlani said without revealing who the real-life actress is.

He said that people can find out who the actress is after watching the film, which is scheduled to release on November 24.

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