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The Secret Behind GST Title: RGV

Ram Gopal Varma is a director whose name is synonymous with sensations and controversies.  His latest sensation is 'God Sex and Truth'(GST) video featuring American porn star Mia Malkova.  Many people are criticising the Ram Gopal Varma for the nude content.  It is known that Varma attended some debates on the TV channels and shocked social worker Devi and sexologist Dr. Samaram with his questions. As the video is slated for release on January 26, women organisations are demanding the ban on GST.

Varma who never cares such demands and criticism from the people gave an interview recently and made sensational comments.  He said that "God created sex.  Men and women don't indulge in sex just for the sake of reproduction but they do it for the happiness.. and reproduction happens with that."  He said that he made GST to reveal the 'Truth' behind the 'Sex' created by 'God'.  That's the secret behind naming it GST.  

He said that a nude woman is a beautiful thing in the world.  So he chose a beautiful nude woman to reveal the secret rather than some geniuses.  He said that the beauty and figure of Mia attracted him very much so, he has chosen her for this video.  He added that all the wars in the history happened for women.

He said that everybody uses their freedom of expression in some form but he tries to express it through cinema because he belongs to cinema field.  He said he chose sex, violence, horror genres for it.  He felt that good and bad depends on one's perception.  So it is not right to decide what is right.. what is wrong and forcing others to accept it.  He said that India is the third biggest porn watching country in the world, and the majority of the people are not opposing his 'GST' video.  

He said that he is not promoting porn but people are already watching porn whenever they feel like watching it.  He said that it is foolish to say that porn got more popular because of his 'GST'.  He went on to say that when Sunny Leone attended Hindi Bigg Boss show, it has got the highest TRP.. when Sunny Leone went to Kochi, 4 lakh people went there to have a glimpse of her.

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