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Saturday 17 November, 2018, 7:46 pm

The Unknown Talent Of Pawan's Ex-wife

The Unknown Talent Of Pawan's Ex-wife
Each and every aspect of a celebrity's life generates curiosity among the audience.  We all know that Renu Desai is the closely followed celebrity of Pawan Kalyan fans and she is very active in social media.  She often posts updates regarding herself and her children Akira.. Adya.  She has recently revealed her talent which is unknown to all of us.

Renu started posting beautiful poems through her Instagram account recently.. then netizens came to know about her hidden talent.  She is saying that she started writing poems from her childhood itself.  Just have a look at the poem she posted through her Instagram account.

"She is fire,

burning eternally...

Ashes became those who feigned affection.

She smoulders in wait for her Phoenix

To burn in her pyre

To douse her with his beauty

To rouse in her, his passion... "

Not just poems but Renu said to have written small stories as well.  She revealed that her writings were appreciated by Pawan Kalyan. 

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