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Wednesday 26 September, 2018, 9:21 am

The 'Wink' Girl Gets Some Respite!

The 'Wink' Girl Gets Some Respite!
Priya Prakash Varrier, has become ultra-famous with her 'wink' in the song, Manikya Malaraya Poovu, from her debut Malayalam film, Oru Adaar Love.

The song has become such a sensation that director, Omar Abdul Wahab and Producer, Joseph Valakuzhy Eapen, started promoting the ensemble school love story movie in the name of Priya and her 'beau' in the movie.

But as the good things can turn into ugly things soon, the actress and the team had to face FIRs against them lodged in Hyderabad and Mumbai.

The major issue for the complainers, Janjagran Samithi, Raza Academy and few others, is that the song has hurt their religious sentiments. Muslims claimed that Prophet Mohammed's wife is shown in poor light in the song.

Well, the actress and movie team, moved to Supreme Court, invoking that they have right of expression as artists, asking for the FIRs to be dismissed.

Supreme Court, took the plea to establish a bench immediately for hearing the case and issued a stay of FIRs as the immediate remedy. They will further hear arguments to cancel the FIRs against the team, in future.

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