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Theatrical Trailer Will Decide Spyder's Craze

Theatrical Trailer Will Decide Spyder's Craze

Mahesh Babu's "Spyder" is readying for release and it surely is the most-talked film in south these days.

The film has raised the bar of expectations thanks to Mahesh's popularity, intriguing title and of course brand Murugadoss who has a history of giving sensational hits.

However, the film's music has really dampened the spirits of Mahesh's fans and the teaser too did not match their expectations.

The music composed by Harris Jayraj hasn't been a chart-topper like Murugadoss' earlier films. So, the distributors are quite wary following the audio launch. However, the producers assure that the songs will good on screen.

And now, the wait has begun for the launch of theatrical trailer. It is scheduled for launch on September 15. If the trailer becomes a hit, then the distributors will have a reason to rejoice and they will go in for a massive release.

The film's director Murugadoss who had huge craze during Ghajini's release is no longer on the same plane.

While he is much appreciated for his different style of story-telling, his market is no longer the same. Also, in the past, technically, Telugu films lagged behind Tamil films. But the scenario is different now and Tollywood has been churning out technically superior films of late.

A lot is at stake on "Spyder" as the film is being released in 600 screens in the US alone.

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