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Sunday 18 November, 2018, 9:04 pm

Then NTR, now Nag: How idea of dance is changing

Then NTR, now Nag: How idea of dance is changing
The idea of dance seems to be undergoing a change in Telugu cinema.  In his latest interview, Nagarjuna has said that dancing shouldn't seem like a physical exercise.  A hero must dance to the extent needed.  Dance for the sake of dance is of no use, he suggested.  

A similar opinion was expressed by Young Tiger NTR before the release of 'Nannaku Prematho'.  The superstar, who is known to pull off difficult steps like no other, said that he won't dance like he used to earlier.  "I am slowly changing my style.  It started with 'Temper'.

I don't want to do 'deyyam' dance for all the six songs in a movie anymore.  Narakam choostunna.  It was possible up to 25 years.  Now I have a son (laughs). Will I be able to do 'Nachore' steps in my late 30s?  No.  I am bored doing huge steps for all the songs," he said.

With new-age directors reimagining things, maybe, the way our stars will undergo a radical change in the coming years.

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