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Wednesday 14 November, 2018, 12:48 am

This Bollywood Actress Has Fallen Head-Over-Heels For Prabhas

This Bollywood Actress Has Fallen Head-Over-Heels For Prabhas
Prabhas has become the gigantic star sensation of 2017, with Baahubali-2. While the first film had him see his popularity grow, the way he performed in the second part of the story, made him a sensation.

Most of the Bollywood heroes and heroines just had a look at the new star and some of them became his fans. Out of the actresses, Swara Bhaskar is the new one to admit her love for the actor.

She confessed that she saw Baahubali-1 9 times and Baahubali-2 8 times, in the theatres and she is willing to watch them again and again, as she fell in love with Prabhas.

Now, the actress, whose father Uday Bhaskar Chitrapu, an Indian Navy Officer, hails from Vizag, has paternal relatives from her father side in Telugu states and she remembers watching Shiva and Chanti in theatres and they are still her favorite films.

She is now a screen-writer and a beautiful actress who can pull off any kind of roles ranging from edgy, bold, comic to completely traditional wants to act in Telugu films and if that film is with Prabhas, she would just want to sign it without another thought, as per her admission.

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