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Wednesday 22 August, 2018, 8:10 am

This is the Reason why Hansika dumped Simbu

This is the Reason why Hansika dumped Simbu
Long ago, Kollywood bad boy Simbu was deeply in love with beautiful Nayanthara. Their love story was a hot topic in Kollywood and Tollywood that time. But they broke their relationship soon. Later, the rumors stated that Simbu is in love Hansika and the duo are planning to get married soon. However, Hansika ditched him too.

Simbu and Nayan's love affair and their fights are known to everyone. Based on Nayan's attitude, starting an affair with Simbu and breaking the relationship with him is not that shocking. But Hansika and Simbu's relationship came out as a shock to the fans. Their breakup is surprising too. The reason behind their separation became a mystery.

Recently, Simbu's father T.Rajender gave clarity on this matter. He visited Hyderabad for the promotions of Simbu's upcoming flick Sarasudu. In an interview, he openly spoke about the love affair of his son and Hansika. He stated that Hansika didn't agree to the condition of Simbu and left him. When they were deeply in love and thinking about marriage, Simbu said his mother's wish to Hansika.

Rajender stated that Simbu's mother didn't like Hansika doing movies after marriage. But as Hansika didn't like the condition, she left him. Simbu for the sake of his mother let Hansika go. However, if movie people are keeping conditions on marrying heroines, will the normal families agree to make actresses their daughter-in-laws?

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