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Thursday 18 October, 2018, 6:31 pm

This Is Why Chiru Went To Mumbai?

This Is Why Chiru Went To Mumbai?
The epic series of Baahubali undoubtedly took the Indian Film Industry to the next level. Hero Young Rebel star Prabhas became popular not only in India but also internationally. Baahubali is the most-anticipated movie of 2017. In the same way the upcoming prestigious project of Megastar Chiranjeevi is the most-awaited in 2018. The expectations on this biopic are not only high among the Telugu audience but also in other industries as well.

As the movie is going to be the highest budget movie in Chiru's career, he has been working hard. Recently, Chiru appeared unexpectedly in Mumbai airport. Chiru has a massive fan following in Telugu states. But the south people there surrounded the megastar and tried to meet him. But what is Chiranjeevi doing in Mumbai? Did he went on a political meeting? That's not true.

The interesting thing is Chiru recently surprised the fans with his clean shaved look. Now, to complete some CG works in the film Chiru clean shaved his beard and went to Mumbai. With the help of motion capture, the technicians are going to capture Chiru's face. The schedule including some action sequences is completed. Another big schedule is going start soon.

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