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This senior actor pranked everyone on the sets!

This senior actor pranked everyone on the sets!
It is very common for actors to prank their team on sets and at times, their practically joke with everyone just to make it a rememberable experience to each and everyone there. Recently, a senior actor pulled off such a prank on this young actor's sets.

Mubarakan starring Arjun Kapoor, Ileana D'Cruz, Athiya Shetty, Neha Sharma and Anil Kapoor released yesterday and the senior among these actors is definitely, Anil Kapoor. One day, the shooting unit has relived Anil Kapoor and said his work for the movie is over. Anil Kapoor stormed into the set and shouted on everyone how can they ask him not to come to shoot, he claimed he had many scenes left and walked out saying he won't come to the promotions.

Producer and director were shaken up and they could not say anything. Arjun Kapoor and Ileana who were present there were also dumbfound. Everyone became highly serious and Anil Kapoor himself had to relax everyone by announcing that he just pranked them and he is not upset. Anees Bazmee, the director felt lighter with that and he continued shooting the movie.

Arjun Kapoor's chemistry with his paternal uncle, Anil Kapoor as worked big time for the movie and the openings have been good too. Well, Anil Kapoor is known for his sense of humour in the real life too and many of his friends share stories about his practical jokes. So, one more is added to his kitty and this time, he fooled none other than his own family member, Arjun Kapoor!

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