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This Sunday, Get Ready For Balayya Vs Jr NTR

This Sunday, Get Ready For Balayya Vs Jr NTR
Other day already news has already come out that Rana Daggubati's first ever TV stint "No.1 Yaari" has pipped Jr NTR's first ever debut TV show "Big Boss" when it comes to TRPs. And it seems like, Rana's rage will continue beside with the clash of big Nandamuri heroes going out of balance, favoring the Dagguati side tomorrow night.

Many expected that Jr NTR would patch up with his Baabai and make him a guest on Big Boss to promote "Paisa Vasool." But that didn't happen as they told that Balayya is not at all interested in promoting his films on TV shows. However, to anyone's surprise, he has turned up on Rana Daggubati's No.1 Yaari TV show and showcased his never seen before mischievous side. This allari will be aired on Sunday night at 8.30 while Big Boss program with Jr NTR will also start minutes later.

With two Nandamuri Heroes turning up at the box office with two different shows on different channels, definitely cinema lovers see this as an exciting competition. Jr NTR as a host and Balayya as a guest are going to enthrall movie fans on the small screen but who will walk away with more TRPs is the question that needs an answer.

As Paisa Vasool got a pretty bad talk already, will people choose Jr NTR's show over Balayya's guest acts in Rana's show? Or will people find Balayya's presence more compelling than Jr NTR as the senior actor is for the first time doing such acts? Let's see.

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