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Wednesday 26 September, 2018, 3:11 pm

Tollywood Heroes and directors are Brokers: Sri Reddy

Tollywood Heroes and directors are Brokers: Sri Reddy
The film industry looks beautiful and a dream for many from the outside which inspires a lot of people choose their careers in the film industry. But, few have faced the dark side of it. There are many cases of casting couch which completely changed the thinking of some people with time.

Many times, the casting couch cases are kept secret by victims to avoid humiliation. Here is the list of some of the actors who have fallen victim to it.

After several actresses from various film industries opened up about the existence of ‘casting couch’ and their experiences, the budding Tollywood actress Sri Reddy made some shocking revelations about the same.

In her latest interview with TV9, Sri Reddy revealed the untold secrets of the film industry. She even accused the star heroes as brokers and directors who encourage the ‘casting couch’.

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