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Topless Pic: Eesha bares it all with fruits

Topless Pic: Eesha bares it all with fruits
For some reason, former Miss India Esha Gupta is giving sleepless nights to everyone with her ultra spicy pictures from couple of weeks. Especially as she slipped into super fine lingerie, hearts of men out there are slipping to a bottom.

Melting down more of the hard rocks there, Eesha has now bared it all. This time she’s seen covering her modesty with two pieces of pomegranates and she’s saying, Fruits are good for health. Going completely topless, we may call it semi-nude, this struggling heroine is surely getting all the attention now. But why’s she doing this?

Apparently Esha is now launching her own lingerie wear and this photoshoot belongs to that. After grabbing immense attention with this nudity, she’s going to make an announcement about her brand. That’s the hot story folks!!

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