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Trisha's cute and lovable daughter!

Trisha's cute and lovable daughter!
Trisha, the lovable actress from Chennai has a beautiful heart too. She had been called a bit arrogant and free-willing but she proved to have been very much responsible than many others. Yes, what you read in the headline is right. Trisha has a daughter who is known as Cadbury Junior Krishnan.

Does it sound weird to you? Well, we are not taking you for any ride. Nor we are pulling any april fool prank. We are just trying to tell you that Trisha loves animals and she newly got a daughter. Connected the dots, yet? Anyways, we will reveal the suspense now. Trisha has a love for street dogs and she adopted a street dog recently.

Before she had a male dog, whom she treated as her son and now she got Cadbury in her life. She introduced her to world, as my daughter and have everyone a peak of their happy and prosperous lovable world with a photo. You can make out with her genuine smile that she loves them to death.

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