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Trivikram jokes..Mahesh smiles..Vamsi giggles!

Trivikram jokes..Mahesh smiles..Vamsi giggles!
Presence of stars is compulsory whenever film makers plan to bring sudden hype to their small budget films.  They will take the help of stars for the publicity activities to make them crazy.  Director B. Jaya who has impressed the audience with films like 'Chantigadu'.. 'Lovely' is presently coming up with a new film 'Vaishakham'.

Harish..Avantika Mishra are the lead actors in 'Vaishakham'. Shooting part of the film has been already completed and it is into post-production now.  The film makers recently conducted audio launch event and Super Star Mahesh Babu attended the event.  Not only Mahesh Babu.. Trivikram Srinivas.. Vamsi Paidipally also attended the event.  Hero Harish thanked the stars by saying that 'Super Stars like you attending the event of a small film like this is really great.. We are happy and it is encouraging for us. Thank you very much".

On the other hand Mahesh-Trivikram-Vamsi Paidipally had a fun time cracking jokes within themselves.. Mahesh was continuously smiling at Trivikram jokes.. Vamsi also seen giggling at the same time.  It has grabbed the attention of everybody.

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