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Saturday 17 March, 2018, 10:07 pm

TV9 - Circus Jokers says RGV

TV9 - Circus Jokers says RGV
Ram Gopal Varma is currently striking the headlines by being a part of a new controversy. Apparently, there is an issue going regarding the GST and he is also posting tweets regarding Pawan Kalyan's future plan of action. TV9 has apparently run a story on the director and the director revealed that TV9 always comes up with non-sensical topics. The director termed TV9 employees as Circus Jokers.

"Just Chilling and enjoying on top of a 27th-floor terrace in Mumbai Image removed.Image removed.Image removed.laughingly watching the nuesencically non sensical reports of Tv 9 Image removed.Image removed.Image removed. Tv 9 should be actually renamed as #Tv9CircusJokers." tweeted Ram Gopal Varma. He did not stop there but also ran a poll on Twitter asking the readers to choose the honest person between him and Rajinikanth of TV9.

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