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Saturday 19 August, 2017, 7:22 am

Two Beauties' Hot Shows - Not Working!

Two Beauties' Hot Shows - Not Working!
Time and again, struggling beauties who are trying to get their foothold in the Bollywood industry are trying the same trick. Especially those girls who have done a couple of films down South are busy using it. Still, the trick seems to have no takers.

Earlier we have seen the likes of Kajal Agarwal and Taapsee Pannu who have flaunted their deep-neck cleavage looks on red carpets of various award functions. Those shows didn't work for them as Taapsee got offers only after she proved her talent with movies like Pink, while Kajal's Bollywood dreams are shattered.

Joining the same league, now hotties like Adah Sharma and Kriti Kharbanda are trying to stay in the spotlight with their deep neck treats. Other day at Femina Beauty Awards event, these two have sported some interesting attires where their bosom made all the cameras auto-focus on it. Adah has done five films in Bollywood, while Kriti has already debuted and acted in her second film there. However, they are yet to get a big break there.

Is this cleavage show stuff working in their favour then? As no big films have fallen into their lap, we have to say that it didn't work. But as they made us write this interesting piece, maybe we can say it worked in a way.

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