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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 3:45 am

Two Films Have Disturbed 'Chalo' Flow!

Two Films Have Disturbed 'Chalo' Flow!
'Chalo' became the biggest hit in Naga Shaurya's career.  Shaurya risked with a new director by believing his story and producing in his home banner.  Though he spent higher budget than his market on the film, it has surprised everybody by collecting more than Rs.10 crore.  Had he got one or two good hits after 'Chalo' he would have definitely reached the next level.  But he couldn't continue the success.  

Two films which he has agreed long back have applied brakes to his speed.  Shaurya's has acted in the bilingual film 'Kanam' uninterestedly.  Shaurya's character in the film is pretty ordinary because it is a heroine-oriented film.  It didn't fetch him any benefit.  His next film 'Ammammagarillu' recently released.   We all know that Shaurya achieved good popularity among the youth with the success of 'Chalo'.    But 'Ammammagarullu' is a family drama and it is not a genre which appeals to them..  The title and promos of the film didn't raise interest among them.  

On the whole, both films released in the wrong timing and they have a negative impact on Shaurya's career.  Had these two films released before 'Chalo', it would not have any impact on Shaurya's career.  Now, he pinned all his hopes on his next film 'Nartanasala'.  He is producing the film in his home banner with a debutante director Srinivasa Chakravarthy.   We have to wait and see whether 'Nartanasala' bring him on to the success track again or not.

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