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Unbelievable offer for Saaho Rights

Unbelievable offer for Saaho Rights
'Baahubali' franchise fetched Worldwide recognition for Prabhas. This is why, All of his next films are being planned as Trilinguals with a budget of at least Rs 150 crore.

Highly placed sources inform, As much as Rs 400 crore has been offered by a Bollywood production house for the theatrical rights of 'Saaho'. UV Creations is yet to accept this proposal.

Producers believe AP & Nizam theatrical rights alone could be not less than Rs 125 crore. Tamil Nadu, Karnataka & Kerala rights combinedly earn around Rs 50 crore. North India is expected to contribute anywhere around Rs 75-100 crore. So, 'Saaho' Theatrical Business in India alone might be between Rs 250 to 300 crore. Such is the craze for Young Rebel at the moment & none of the South Indian Stars could come close to him anytime soon.

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