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Upcoming Hero Arrested In Molestation Case

Upcoming Hero Arrested In Molestation Case
It is known that upcoming Telugu actor Srujan.. and director Chalapathi tried to molest an upcoming actress created as sensation recently.   The actress has approached Vijayawada Patamata Police and complained about the molestation incident and the police have taken the director into their custody.

The director.. hero.. heroine were traveling from Hyderabad to Bhimavaram in the heroine's car for the shooting.  By the time the car reached Vijayawada, they tried to abuse the heroine.  She tried to resist them but they have beaten her and thrown her in the back seat.   The director has driven the car very fast as they were scared that the heroine would jump out of the moving car.  As he couldn't control the speed, the car hit a lorry.  The car got damaged severely in the accident.  They were admitted to a nearby hospital by the people who were present at the accident location.

The producer has taken the actress to his home after the discharge and threatened her not to reveal the incident to anyone.  He warned her that if she complains about this incident, she will not get any movie offers in future.   But the actress escaped from his home with the help of her friends later.  She went straight to the Patamata police station and lodged a complaint.  The police have swung into action and arrested director Chalapathi. As the hero escaped from the scene, police caught him later.

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