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Thursday 18 October, 2018, 1:08 am

Vanitha Reddy in hiding; Police intensifies investigation

Vanitha Reddy in hiding; Police intensifies investigation
Comedian Vijay Sai's suicide case has taken a new twist. His wife Vanitha Reddy has gone into hiding. The police have now intensified their investigation. That Vijay Sai had accused his wife and her lawyer Srinivas of mentally torturing him and driving him to suicide is already known. The police had issued notices summonding the duo for questioning. The fact that Vanitha had gone underground then came to light.

The police is investigating the case based on VijaySai's suicide 'selfie' video. They are also taking into account Vijay Sai's father Subba Rao's allegations against Vanitha Reddy. Subba Rao said Vanitha would try to dodge questioning by running away. He declared that she was create a new drama everyday to escape the case.

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