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Varun Tej Is The Safest!

Varun Tej Is The Safest!
Biggest challenge for any youngster coming from Mega camp is to overcome the branding of being called as Mass and Action hero. Alone Pawan Kalyan tried to remain different without this stamp while Ramcharan clearly struggled and Allu Arjun is sweating out not to fall in the same dangerous trap.

What went wrong with Sai Dharam Tej after winning the Supreme Hero stamp is the same subject of getting monotonous. Selection of scripts and directors is not an easy task for SDT because he tasted success a bit early and thought himself to be in the right grove. Nevertheless, recent disaster like ‘Thikka’ and below average product ‘Winner’ bought him back on ground. Immediate task before SDT is to observe the footsteps of Varun Tej.

Yes, Varun never relied overtly on Mega tag. Right from his first flick ‘Mukunda’ to ‘Kanche’ or the ongoing ‘Fida’ in Sekhar Kammula direction and 'Mister' in Vytla Srinu direction, his judgment is contrasting. Despite a hit or flop Box Office verdict, as an actor Varun Tej is growing. That’s what makes an actor look complete and safe.

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