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Thursday 15 November, 2018, 8:42 am

Vennela Kishore Bought It Watching Bunny..

Vennela Kishore Bought It Watching Bunny..
Vennela Kishore is one of the most sought after comedians in Telugu Cinema. With the absence of Brahmanandam and Sunil, the actor has grown bigger in stature with every film.

Now, he is one of the most famous comedians in Telugu Cinema. He is so famous that movies are being sold on his name these days.

A new film, Drushti, starring him with Rahul Ravindran and Pavani Gangireddy has leads is coming out soon. It is said to be a thriller with Rahul Ravindran blamed for a murder he did not commit.

The actor delivered a comic punch using Allu Arjun's reference. In the film, he says that he bought a fidget spinner watching Bunny using it in DJ audio function. The line has become popular on social media already, with the people who saw the trailer quoting it and also, appreciating Kishore, for his comic timing on twitter.

There are many such one-liners giving us a sample of the entertainment that this movie has in stores for us. Ram Abbaraju is directing the film while Mohan is bankrolling the movie on M Square Productions banner.

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