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Video: Shriya Saran’s Nuisance on Road

Video: Shriya Saran’s Nuisance on Road
Heroine Shriya Saran has surprised one and all when she was spotted on the busy road in Film Nagar, Jubilee Hills on Wednesday. Shriya walked in the road no. 1 Film Nagar yesterday while a slew of shutterbugs are after her to catch her poses on road. A few from public have recognised Shriya and tried to take selfies with her whereas she quickly realised and moved inside the office of the film producer.

What is shocking is that Shriya did this without help of any bouncers or security guards except her personal assistant. What if Shriya is mobbed and what if it leads to any public disturbance or nuisance on road and thus results in traffic snarl?

Celebs – especially heroines – need to be sensible and extra cautious when it comes to their public outings. One can’t forget what had happened inside a top mall in Hyderabad when celebs gathered.

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