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Vijay Responds On Dhanya Rajendran Issue

Vijay Responds On Dhanya Rajendran Issue

Social Media has become part and parcel of our life these days.  Like every coin has two sides, there is a negative side to the social media as well.  When a person expresses his opinion on sensitive issues like religion or expresses views about politicians & film celebrities, it will create a huge hungama.  Same thing happened with a lady journalist recently when she compared a film with another film.

Dhanya Rajendran is working as an Editor-in-Chief in TNM, Bengaluru.  She has recently shared her opinion on twitter that she watched 'Jab Harry Met Sejal'.. it is so pathetic that Vijay's film Sura which was released a few years ago is far better.  That's it. Vijay fans got upset as she has commented their favourite star's film 'Sura'.  Some fans started trolling and abusing her in twitter.  Upset with the developments, Dhanya Rajendran complained to the police that she has received warnings and abuses from some unknown persons in twitter.

Police officers who are investigating the case revealed that "We have zeroed down four persons behind this episode. We are trying to trace them. Some of them have already deleted their accounts."  On the other hand, hero Vijay has responded on the episode and released a letter to the media.  Vijay said that "I am someone who respects women a lot. Everybody has the right to criticise anyone's film. It is my view that no woman should be spoken of in a demeaning way for any reason or any time. Everyone has to praise womanhood"  He also added that "I request that nobody should share hurtful and wrong views about women on social media."

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