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Vijaya Shanti recuperating

Vijaya Shanti recuperating
As a part of her preparation for her comeback, actress Vijaya Shanti has been working out extensively over the last few months. However, apparently her ligament tear, for which she was operated upon long back, has relapsed. The doctors have advised her complete rest and have asked her to go easy on her workout sessions. This has halted and further delayed her preparation plans for her comeback film last year.

A source close to the actress, reveals, “When she was shooting for action sequences back then, she sustained a fracture. She has undergone a couple of surgeries for her right knee as well. However, since she has started working out extensively only recently (for her comeback) after a long time, looks like the ligament tear has relapsed.  So, she was advised to go easy.”

However, with the actress’ road to recovery quick and fast, she resumed work out recently and is back to the gym. Her two and a half hour daily fitness training includes cross fit training, running, weights, treadmill, abs and cycling.

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