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Viral Pic: Anushka with Boyfriend in Grocery Store!

Viral Pic: Anushka with Boyfriend in Grocery Store!
Looks like the most talked about celebrity couple of India is getting more revealing about their relationship. Why won’t they just say it by them selves and put our curiosity down? Okay, whether or not they admit their relationship vocally, people have taken the hints that Virat is giving on his love life with his posts.

Virat and Anushka are now seen to the latest together again in New York on a trip. Virat himself confirmed this trip together with a selfie of him and Anushka flaunting the cool shades and posing for the picture together in the car and posted it on the social media with a caption “Much needed break with my ”.

That was so adorable. Well, not just that, another picture of the duo that is breaking the internet is the one that a fan posted where the couple is seen distressed facing each other in a grocery store holding their respective baskets. The pair is giving us some serious relationship goals. Aren’t they? Anyways, happy to see them having a good time together.

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