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Wednesday 14 November, 2018, 1:23 pm

Viral Pic: Don Ram Kaala Varma

Viral Pic: Don Ram Kaala Varma
Sensational director Ram Gopal Varma is known for doing all sorts of things in the social media.  He has uniques style of expressing his opinions on various issues going on in the country.  After bashing TDP MPs as jokers citing the MP Sivaprasad's Pothuraju getup, he created hungama with a Rajinikanth's Kaala poster with his face on it and the pic has gone viral in the social media now.

It is known that Rajnikanth's latest film 'Kaala' is releasing on April 27 and the makers have recently unveiled release date posters.  Rajini is seen wearing a full black costume, and he was sitting on a chair in his inimitable style while resting his right hand on a dog.   Varma posted morphed image of this poster on his FB page and wrote on his "This reminds me of someone ..can anyone please help me to remember?"

Netizens were thoroughly confused with his question because everybody knows that it reminds of 'Kaala' poster.  Some of them are saying that 'Kaala' poster is inspired from 'Sarkaar' poster, others opined that it is a copy of Shivraj Kumar's Kannada film 'Mufti' poster.  On the whole none of them could understand Varma's question. Nevertheless, an RGV fan commented that it is 'Don Ram Kaala Varma'.  

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