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Monday 19 November, 2018, 1:56 pm

Viral Pic:Kerala in Planet Or Plastic

Viral Pic:Kerala in Planet Or Plastic

 People allover Kerala has witnessed flooding for over one week. As the water kept draining gradually in the past few days, Now the whole world is able to see how the mankind is posing a threat to the planet with the extensive usage of plastic.

A viral picture shows how much plastic has become a part of our lives. Numerous plate bottles and covers can be found everywhere after the flood water got completely drained. Actor-turned-Director Rahul Ravindran commented, 'As the water drains, all the plastic is left behind... lessons to be learnt. Nature€™s spitting back out all that we dumped indiscriminately. Better plastic waste management is absolutely, urgently needed all over the world'.

Environmentalists have been pleading for plastic ban and striving hard to create awareness among the public over the harmful side-effects of plastic usage. They weren't able to achieve the desired results due to the lack of commitment from the rulers. It's high time people decide what they want - Planet or Plastic? Planet Or Plastic

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