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Saturday 17 November, 2018, 7:45 pm

Viral: Weird Traffic Signal Post By Navdeep!

Viral: Weird Traffic Signal Post By Navdeep!
Have you ever seen a traffic signal with red and green lights on? That means, you are confused it is asking you to stop or move forward.

Normally, orange or yellow light is used in such situations to caution you. But in the image shared by Navdeep, the Telugu actor, we can see him being confused by it.

He even shared the image with a tagline, "Stop blaming me for not having a direction in life. Okkkkk"

Well, in the image we can see red and green lights flashing at the same time and it is really funny and confusing.

Navdeep made it even more funny by implying it to his personal and professional life as well.

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