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Vishal launches an app for movie tickets!

Vishal launches an app for movie tickets!
Actor Vishal who has grown quite popular in Tamil Industry as started revolution in Film Business in Tamil Cinema. Ever since, he took over the job at Nadigar Sangam after a huge battle with then heads, he conducted a cricket match, secured 9 crores funds for the building. Also, he started the re-construction of the demolished building. He also introduced a pension scheme for poor actors.

He also participated in the Tamil Producers Council election and won it too. As the president of the Producer Council, he started fighting against the piracy. Also, he took some bold decisions in favour of the producers. Now, he took a decision in favour of movie watching public.

He introduced a new App, to buy movie tickets as the present apps charge more than Rs. 20. To reduce that cost, he introduced this app and when you buy tickets on this app, only Rs. 10 will be charged for the booking and also, one part of it will go to app maintenance, other part to producers and the remaining to Farmers welfare fund. Many people are appreciating such a bold decision and are welcoming this as a revolutionary change in Movie Business in this Digital world. Well, don't you think it would be great if somebody introduces such an app in our Telugu Industry too?!

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