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Friday 21 September, 2018, 8:36 am

Vishal's protest to fight against Tax!

Vishal's protest to fight against Tax!
Vishal, has become the most important and influential member in Tamil Cinema. He is the treasurer of Nadigar Sangam and also, Chairman of Producer's Council. He is looking to use his powers for the right cause and he has made it apparent that his decisions are for the greater good of the industry in general.

In Tamil Nadu, the general muncipal and entertainment tax used to be higher than any state. But to encourage mote films and filmmakers, TN Government has come up with tax exemptions for 'U' and Tamil title films. If your film gets a U, then no tax on the movie. If you have a Tamil title then 10% rebate in the tax. But if your film gets U/A, 30% and 'A' then 35% tax. With such a difference, makers used to work towards making more U or U/A films with Tamil titles to enjoy Tax free status.

But with the entry of GST (Goods and Service Tax), 28% on all the films has became a norm and producers tried to fight it out. State Government could not do anything in this matter as it is Central imposed tax. Recently, State Government has come up with additional municipal tax of 10% and producers have decided to not to release their films if the situation continues.  Theatres have boycotted releases and State Government is not reacting to it. Once again Vishal announced that no films will release this week too in protest and makers should be united in this issue to at least make the Government withdraw 10% additional tax. Let's see how long he will protest without releasing movies.

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