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Wednesday 21 November, 2018, 4:41 pm

We laughed, we cried: Nagarjuna

We laughed, we cried: Nagarjuna
Indirectly referring to the #ChaiSam reception that was held on Sunday evening and the gutting of the 'Manam set' at Annapurna Studios on Monday evening, Akkineni Nagarjuna tweeted that it has been a mixed week.  "Hello my friends, it’s been an emotional week!! We laughed and we cried and now we are ready to kickstart #Hello promotions this afternoon  2 pm," he noted.

When a suspected short-circuit caught on in the closed building at Annapurna, it was engulfed in fire in no time.  "When the set was erected, it was rather smaller.  With more and more films being shot there, additions continued to be made.  The estimated loss is about Rs. 2 Cr," Nag told the press.

"The set was quite close to Nanna garu's heart.  But I am glad that not a single individual has been hurt in the mishap.  After all, it's a set.  Pranalu pothe ravu," Nag further added.

As for 'Hello!', the film will hit the screens on Dec 22.  There is a "little surprise" this afternoon as per Akhil.

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