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Wednesday 22 August, 2018, 8:11 am

What for Murali Mohan fired on Media?

What for Murali Mohan fired on Media?
A Press Meet was convened on the eve of 25th Year Completion since Movie Artiste Association (MAA) was established. Veteran Actor & Rajahmundry MP Murali Mohan breathed fire on Media during this press conference. 'Film Personalities live in glass structures. Pelting a single stone could destroy all the fame they earned with years of hardwork. Media is over-enthusiastic while reporting news related to film celebs. Be it any incident, Print, Electronic and Web Media have been blowing it out of proportions. In a recent past, Articles published in a website are defaming Film Folks. We will proceed legally against such bad elements. Silver Jubilee Celebrations of MAA are gonna be bigger than Baahubali,' declares the Actor-turned-Politician.

MAA President Shivaji Raja: 'MAA is supportive of artistes who aren't financially sound. Stringent action would be taken against those who don't have a membership in MAA despite earning lakhs. Poor Artistes will be spared even if they don't have a membership. Very soon, MAA will be constructing an Old Age Home for which SV Krishna Reddy will be the chairman'.

A Cheque of Rs 6 lakh was offered to the family of Production Manager Chiranjeevi, who passed away recently, on behalf of MAA. Shivaji Raja offered Rs 25,000 to MAA for helping Poor Artistes.

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