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Thursday 20 September, 2018, 7:06 pm

What If NTR Did 'Rangasthalam'?

What If NTR Did 'Rangasthalam'?

Director Sukumar commented in the pre-release event of 'Rangasthalam' that he could not imagine any other person than Ram Charan in Chittibabu character.  Even the audience who watched the film share the same opinion.   But some audience may get doubt what if Chittibabu role played by any other hero? How could Jr NTR have done this character.. What about Allu Arjun? 

As NTR is regarded a good performer and he has already worked with Sukumar in 'Nannaku Prematho', some people think how NTR could have done Chittibabu role.  When an interviewer asked the same question, Sukumar gave an interesting answer.  He said "I didn't say that no one can do Chittibabu role except Ram Charan.. but what I felt after the completion of the film is that no one came to my mind for Chittibabu role other than Charan. It is Charan's success as an actor. 

When he was asked what if NTR played Chittibabu role, he said it is not possible to make the same movie with different heroes differently.  We do a film with particular hero.. and do another film with another hero.  So the comparison is not right.   Sukumar also gave an example for his logic.  He said "If two runners compete in a race, we can draw a comparison between them.  If two players compete in different sports how can we draw a comparison between them? The thought of how NTR could have done Chittibabu role is also a similar one. 

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