What Is There In Kamma & Kapu?: Jagapathi Babu

Jagapathi Babu, the man who speaks upright, often stays as introvert as he doesn't believe in friendships and other relations, has recently breathed fire on the castes.

"I don't know what is it there in Kammas and Kapus. All these caste equations according to me are a trash. At least for my family, there is nothing such", he says, while talking about his daughter getting married to an American white guy.

"Many so called Kammas from Film Industry got miffed when my daughter got married to a white guy from USA. I can't understand what's wrong in it, as my daughter loved him we've got them married. When we are happy with our decisions, what has caste to do with it?", Jagapathi questions. He out-rightly says that for him there is no belief in Veeramachaneni (his family surname) legacy or anything. "When we're gone from this world, what's the point of legacy? We don't see it or feel it. What's caste in it again? I didn't create that and I'm not associating with it", he adds. Regarding performing the marriage in a simple ceremony, he claimed that the occasion is for his relatives to meet after years, sit together and enjoy. 

 Shedding more light on how some influential people even tried to get his future son-in-law jailed, Jagapathi revealed quite shocking stuff. "Some of my Kamma friends thought of getting my son-in-law booked in a drugs case in the US such that he will not come out of prison for life. I asked them to drop such plans because I've to spend my rest of life to get him out from jail", he laughs.

For Jagapathi Babu, there is nothing like a legacy or caste. He throws a disclaimer. "I'm like Ram Gopal Varma only. Neninthe" 
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