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What's wrong with Parineeti's Picture?

What's wrong with Parineeti's Picture?
Parineeti Chopra who is currently touring Australia shared a picture of herself with Koala at the Queen's Island. 'This little furball is just what I needed to kickstart my holiday in Brisbane, never miss a Koala cuddle,' she wrote while sharing the photograph.

The Bollywood Beauty was trolled even for this photograph by the Haters. Look at some of the rude comments they have passed just because she looked a bit skinny and based on the spot were Koala's paw was placed...

'What is Ranveer Singh doing in ur lap? See where his hand is'.

'Looking like that animal'

'Very lucky Koala, at least he is touching your bust'

'Ma'am Pahle Aap Jyada Khoobsurat Thi'

'Aap Ki Face Bhi Isi Ke Jaisa Deikh Raha Hai... dieting band kar di jiye'

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