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Wednesday 22 August, 2018, 8:09 am

When Kids Cried In Jai Lav Kusa Theatres!!

When Kids Cried In Jai Lav Kusa Theatres!!
What will children like in films? If that is the question one has to answer, then that is truly a tough challenge because we cannot exactly tell what they will like. However, a recent observation made in film circles indicate about one interesting thing happened during Jai Lava Kusa screening.

Actually few kids, aged between 7-10 years, have started crying inconsolably after watching the pre-climax episodes of Jai Lava Kusa movie. Especially the scenes where Jai gets pleaded by his brother Lava and Kusa to escape the scene where villains try to kill him and the way the younger siblings try to save their big brother has turned those emotional movers for kids.

"When I'm watching the film with family, suddenly my 7-year-old son started crying during that pre-climax episode. He's neither a Jr NTR fan, nor he understands such dialogues better. But still, he got moved by the way the young siblings ask their brother and tears were flowing all over" a parent shared, chatting about the incident. When the same thing is discussed with some other parents who have kids of same age group, they also revealed that pre-climax portions made their children wet their eyes.

Whether to take this crying thing positively or negatively is a different debate altogether, but kids getting moved into such deep emotion are what films do to them. So filmmakers should be more careful with the kind of content they come up with, as that could influence children in any way.

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