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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 6:27 pm

When This Journalist Mistaken Chiru's Call

When This Journalist Mistaken Chiru's Call
Other day when Pasupuleti Ramarao released the book "Tera Venuka Dasari", which is launched by Megastar Chiranjeevi, the popular journalist went on sharing some trivia about the popular matinee idol. He revealed what people think about Chiranjeevi and how it will be in reality.

"To meet Chiranjeevi garu, not just me but everyone is scared. Allu Arvind garu stated that Chiranjeevi garu is busy. And I asked his PA to help me set a meeting, but he said Chiru is very busy. Then another PRO who works for Chiranjeevi garu also said the same thing. So, I'm worried how to meet him", said Pasupuleti, revealing what outsiders actually think about meeting the megastar.

He added that one fine day Chiranjeevi himself called him, to inquire about the whereabouts of the book and how the 'foreword' he has written for the book has turned up. "I got a call from an unknown number while I'm driving. I picked the call and the voice from other side said "Ramarao", and I've snapped the call saying "I'm driving will call you later".  I've got a call from the same number again, and I said the same thing again and snapped the call. Then after 15 minutes, I called that number to blast the person as to why he's disturbing me like that. Then the voice 'Ramarao, after 40 years of affiliation, you still didn't recognise my voice?'. Then I realised it's none other than Chiranjeevi garu".

Ramarao then stated that Chiranjeevi asked about the book and gave him promise that he will look after it and there is no need to worry about investment needed to print it. He explained that Chiranjeevi is the most humble megastar he has ever seen as a person with such stature will not call a simple journalist to inquire about anything.

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