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When will you act with Pawan Kalyan, Baby?

When will you act with Pawan Kalyan, Baby?
Catherine Teresa started her career on a high note with Iddaruammayilatho and she is trying to use all the opportunities coming her way to establish herself as a top heroine in Telugu Cinema. Right now, she is getting some important characters even though she is still long way away from becoming a Top heroine. Now, she seems to have acquired the support of a powerful fan group in TFI.

Undoubtedly, Mega Heroes are blessed with a large group of fans and they seem to have taken a liking towards Catherine. Recently, the actress went to Kurnool for an opening and many have come to greet her there cordially. Looking at them, Catherine felt really thrilled and they asked her the question, " When will you act with our Pawan Kalyan?" You can understand how much they are in love with this actress.

Catherine answered to them in her own style saying that she is waiting for the chance and if ever that arrives she will be happy to be a part of Pawan Kalyan's movie. Fans rejoiced her answer and she asked them all to watch her film, Nene Raju Nene Mantri in theatres and not in piracy. Her film with Rana and Kajal, Nene Raju Nene Mantri, is releasing this Friday.

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