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Who called Sania Mirza 'Mirchi'?

Who called Sania Mirza 'Mirchi'?
Recently, BCCI posted a photograph of Yuvraj Singh posing alongside his lookalike and captioned it 'YUVSTRONG12 * 2'.

The Left-handed Cricketer quickly reacted, 'No Chance' to convey there can't be exactly an another person like him. And then, Tennis Star Sania Mirza joined the conversation by tweeting 'Same!!!!' to inform that even she feels the same. Finally, Yuvraj replied, 'Eh no' Mirchi'.

Yuvraj Singh's role is going to be very crucial in Today's Champions Trophy final between India & Pakistan. In the last match between India and Pakistan, He received the Man-of-the-Match award for bringing the momentum towards India with his half-century in 30-odd balls.

Since this year's IPL, Yuvraj Singh has been in good form. Hopefully, He plays another match-winning knock Today.

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