Who Is Giving You 5 Cr For Settlement?: Allu Aravind

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is known for his bold statements and controversial comments.  Surprisingly, RGV made a sensation with his video tendering an apology to Sri Reddy and Pawan Kalyan on Wednesday night.  He claimed that it was he who influenced Sri Reddy to target Pawan Kalyan and he also spoke about the mediation to settle Daggubati Abhiram issue with Sri Reddy

Responding to RGV's video, mega producer Allu Aravind held a press meet and lashed out at RGV.  He has spoken at length regarding many issues including the Rs.5 crore settlement RGV tried to make with Sri Reddy. Allu Aravind said that "Varma said, he is trying to settle the matter with Rs.5 crore on behalf of Suresh Babu Family to Sri Reddy but Suresh Babu has not accepted it."  

Allu Aravind elaborated the incident. He said that "Before I came here,  I spoke with all the Suresh family members this morning, three important members in particular. They made their stand clear saying that they will follow the 'law of the land' and clarified 'We'll not encourage this'...and they stood on their ground.  So my question is who offered you Rs.5 crores to settle the issue?"

He added " Who is instigating you to downsize Pawan Kalyan by using Sri Reddy?  Where did you get those Rs. 5 crores. I clearly know about your financial condition.  Why are you doing all this? What is the conspiracy behind it.  I think this is not only your personal grudge but Rs.5 crores money is involved.. where did you get that money?  Suresh Babu family said that they will not give money.. then where did you get this money?  As all these questions were running through my mind yesterday night and I couldn't sleep."  

Allu Aravind's straight questions give rise the several doubts that somebody is behind RGV who is trying to dent the image of Pawan Kalyan by diverting the attention from Suresh Babu family to Pawan Kalyan. 
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