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Who Wants To Gain From Nandamuri Clash

Who Wants To Gain From Nandamuri Clash
This Sankranthi will witness an epic box-office clash between the Nandamuri heroes Balakrishna and NTR. Both their films, Dictator and Nannaku Prematho, will be releasing back-to-back on the 13th and 14th January. Fans and trade circles are anxiously hoping that both the films will work wonders at the box-office.

However, there are also a few who have been trying to gain from the Nandamuri clash. Particularly, a political party, which is dead against TDP, is trying hard to create a rift between both Balayya and NTR through its media house.

The party owned news paper published an article in which it also dragged the TDP's General Secretary Nara Lokesh into the clash and alleged that Lokesh is threatening the exhibitors in several districts to allot Nannaku Prematho screens to his father-in-law's Dictator.

While this news looks too far from reality, one can easily guess that the party is trying its best to woo NTR and gain his support. Already, the said party has acquired a few leaders who were once close aides of NTR. The party must be dreaming to instigate NTR to take on TDP in the future, but their efforts look too superficial and palpable.

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