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Why Are You Doing This Natakiriti?

Natakiriti Rajendra Prasad is one of the star comedians at that time who made millions of people laugh so hard. His movies used to have minimum comedy and emotion but never fails to entertain the audience. The market of his movie got reduced gradually. But he never stopped acting in films. He took up the supporting artist roles and is still sustaining in the industry.

But his selection of scripts has been confusing and surprising for the fans these days. Recently, the trailer of his upcoming movie got released. The movie is titled as U.Pe.Ku.Ha with the tagline Ullo Pelliki Kukkala Hadavidi. There is nothing special in the film except for its vulgar comedy. Some are commenting why Rajendra Prasad is taking up such adult comedies at his age without hesitation. His romance with heroine Sakshi Chowdary is raising the brows and is getting negative reception from the fans as well.
In the past, he used to do movies which are message oriented like Aa Naluguru, Mee Sreyobhilashi etc which made the audience connect really well. But why he suddenly changed like this has become a mystery. Even the fans are also disappointed with him and asking why is he becoming like this. It seems like Rajendra Prasad has to consider his fans now and think before accepting the scripts.

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